Question: Are Phones Helpful In School?

In fact, cell phones in schools do far more good than harm as they prepare students for the real world, help them learn how to be responsible, are engaging learning tools, and help promote safety.

Why cell phone use should be allowed at school?

They can use their phones to keep updated whether by browsing news websites or educational portals. Against: Cell phones should not be allowed in schools as they will cause distraction for both students and teachers. Even the classes might get disturbed if any student is found fiddling with their phone.

Why is it good to have your phone in school?

No, because students will be distracted

Cell phones should not be allowed in schools because if the students get bored, they might use them to play games or do other activities that distract their attention from learning. In case of family emergency, the teachers have a cell phone and the parents could call them.

How mobile phones are useful to students?

Time-keeping. Cell phones are also a useful time-keeping tool. They allow students who don’t have a watch to keep track of the time so they can be punctual to their lessons, and phones have an alarm function to make sure they wake up on time each morning.