Do I Really Need A Website?

1 # Credibility

Nowadays, more and more clients use internet for finding certain products or services they need.

Your business is going to gain credibility only because you are a website owner.

Without one, your potential customers will look for your competition (who happen to have their own websites).

Why is it necessary to have a website?


A website is a great way to provide value added service to your customers and clients, and is a great way to keep them coming back to your when they need your products or services.

Why do I need a website 2018?

Curate a platform for your brand.

It’s more vital now than ever to have an online presence. A website will provide you with a platform to establish and promote your brand online to potential consumers.

Why do small businesses need a website?

Websites are valuable for any business, large or small. They help you be found online by potential customers, connect with existing customers directly through social media and email, and market your products/services. But, are websites a worthwhile financial investment for small businesses?

How can I start my own business without a website?

And while some companies use them to promote their products in addition to their main websites, you don’t need to have a website–or even have a business yet–to start a blog.

Start an E-Business Without a Website

  • Choose a domain.
  • Set up your hosting.
  • Design your website.
  • Put it all online.
  • Optimize and test your website.