Question: How Does Technology Affect Our Brain?

Technology has altered human physiology.

It makes us think differently, feel differently, even dream differently.

It affects our memory, attention spans and sleep cycles.

This is attributed to a scientific phenomenon known as neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to alter its behavior based on new experiences.

How does technology affect us?

Technology affects people today in so many ways, both positive and negative. Agricultural technology allows farmers to produce more food. Medical technology gives us longer, healthier lives. Technology such as the internet and telephones helps us stay in touch with people we love.

What do smartphones do to your brain?

Effects of Smartphones on the Brain

Some recent research suggests that it might. Experts suggest that all of this phone use can have an impact on children’s social and emotional development, that it can impair our sleep patterns, and that it might even turn some people into lazy thinkers.

What technology does to memory?

Humans feel the need to not remember information that an be found on Google, which decreases the amount of information/memory the brain can hold. Technology decreases the strength of the memory and how well we will be able to retain that information from our brain. So yes, technology strongly affects our memory.

How does technology affect growth and development?

Technology can physically affect a child’s growth. The more time a child spends with technology the less time they are spending on physical exercise. To properly grow and develop children need exercise. Moving their body helps stimulate blood flow throughout their body.