Quick Answer: Is K12 Accredited?

Is k12 legit?

so apparently, k12 is an online public school..

all the curriculum is chosen for you, a teacher is assigned to your child, all the material is sent to you, because it’s funded through the public school system its free, and at the end of each year is a standardized test to graduate your child to the next grade.

Are k12 accredited?

K12 is an AdvancED-accredited corporation meeting the highest standards of educational management. Additionally, many K12 schools are accredited by a wide variety of respected accreditation bodies, including: Northwest Accreditation Commission. Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Are home schools accredited?

The American Academy is an Accredited Home School Program. Home Schooling by its very nature is schooling at home by parents or those who the parent designates to educate their children in a home atmosphere. There is no state accreditation available for home schooling academies.

What online high schools are accredited?

James Madison High School is a regionally accredited online high school with accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

Is k12 really free?

Like brick-and-mortar schools, K12-powered online public schools: Are tuition-free* and full time. Serve students in grades kindergarten through 12. Have state-certified teachers who provide instruction and support.

Does k12 give you a diploma?

As an accredited school, K12 International Academy offers its graduates a U.S. diploma accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers around the globe.

Does k12 give you a computer?

K12 ships loaner computers to students who qualify per their school’s eligibility requirements. Computer eligibility is discussed during the enrollment process. Note that not all K12 schools provide computers to their students. Unfortunately, you will not be able to check your computer order ahead of time.

What is the age limit for k12?

When you create a K12 Student Account and add your Student to the account, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you are the legal guardian of the child/children listed on the K12 Student Account.

Is k12 common core?

Discovery K12 offers a traditional, non-Common Core, secular, homeschool curriculum. Its flexibility allows parents to use all or parts of the curriculum with full control over the instruction. There are 180 days of complete, digital curriculum for pre-k to twelfth grade, including STEM and The Arts.

How do I know if my school is accredited?

How Can I Find Out If an Online College is Accredited?

  • Search the U.S. Department of Education Database. Within the website for the United States Department of Education, there is a Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.
  • Check the Six Main Regional Accrediting Agencies.
  • Contact the Online College or University Directly.

Do I have to register my child for homeschooling?

New York Homeschool State Laws. Parents are not required to register their child in a New York public school if they plan to provide homeschooling. You are required to keep attendance records for each child in your school that clearly show you are meeting the “substantial equivalent” of 180 days a year.

Are online high school diplomas legitimate?

Accredited Online High Schools. Some online high schools are ‘diploma mills’ which take a fee, but award a diploma that is not recognized by employers or colleges because the program required little or no coursework. Legitimate online schools require substantial academic course work.

What are the best online high schools?

The Best Online High School Diploma Programs

  1. Stanford University Online High School. Copy link to this entry…
  2. GW Online High School.
  3. University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12.
  4. Mother of Divine Grace.
  5. University of Texas High School.
  6. Oak Meadow School.
  7. International Virtual Learning Academy.
  8. Laurel Springs School.

Can you get a GED online that is accredited?

In addition to online accredited high school diploma, Excel High School offers free Online GED ® test samples, so you can prepare for your GED ® Test free.

What are the best free online high schools?

List of All Free Online High Schools in the US

  • Arizona Connections Academy.
  • Arizona Virtual Academy.
  • Hope High School Online.
  • Humanities and Sciences/International Commerce High School.
  • Insight Academy of Arizona.
  • Pinnacle Online High School.
  • Primavera Online High School.
  • Sequoia Choice Distance Leaerning.

Can you enroll in k12 anytime?

Our open enrollment period usually runs mid-March to the beginning of October, but some schools offer enrollment all year long. Once you find the school where you’d like to enroll, visit their How to Enroll page to learn more. In most cases, enrollment can be completed in five simple steps, but may vary by state.

What is the best online homeschooling program?

Western Christian Academy is a tuition-based Christian online school for students from kindergarten through high school. It offers more than 50,000 multimedia options in its online academic and religious courses. ABCmouse.com is an online, subscription-based curriculum provider for children ages two to eight.

Is k12 a homeschooling program?


K12 is the leading provider serving K–12 online schools. The K12 program is offered through tuition-free* online public schools for grades K–12.