Is Tik Tok OK For Kids?

Tik Tok boasts that the user has to be 13 or older to make videos, but I have seen plenty of children under 13 which use it and Tik Tok does not revoke their accounts.

Is Tik Tok safe for kids?

Tik Tok is rated 12+ on the Apple app store and “teen maturity” on Google Play. However, there is no system in place to verify a user’s age, so anyone can download it. Because of the access to inappropriate content, and the use of popular music that may contain explicit language, this is not an app for young kids.

What age is Tik Tok for?

Anyone under the age of 16 years old cannot access this platform. Common Sense Media has recommended that this app is appropriate for those aged at least 16 years old and above due to its mature content and information settings.

Is TikTok a safe app for kids?

The app is rated 12+ on the Apple store, but there is no way to verify a user’s age, so anyone can download it. In fact, social media app ratings are not the best way to determine if the content is kid-friendly or not! The FixAppRatings movement recommends that TikTok be used only by those over the age of 17.

Is Tik Tok a dangerous App?

What is TikTok, is the app dangerous for children and what should parents know? TIKTOK is a new social network app that many have branded as a “magnet for paedophiles”, prompting a new investigation. The app is most popular among children under 16. Here’s a brief on this controversial phenomenon.