Quick Answer: What Are The Advantages Of Computers In Education?

Students can find many different ways to solve a certain problem given to them.

Through computer and internet, they can interact with people having same issues and can learn from each other.

Computers have supplied infinite resources for learning and made education more flexible and easy to access.

What are the advantages of using computer in education?

Some of the Advantages of Computer in Education are:

Better presentation of information in schools and colleges is possible using computer to improve education. Computer also helps to access Internet to get more knowledge from the world.

What are advantages of computer?

The major advantage of using computers in this way are given below. Computers makes it possible to receive, supply and process large volumes of data at very high speed. Computer reduces the cost of all data related operations including, input, output, storage, processing, and transmission.

What is the importance of computer to education?

Computers play a vital role in every field. They aid industrial processes, they find application in medicine; they are the reason why software industries developed and flourished and they play an important role in education. This is also why the education system has made computer education a part of school curriculum.

What are the possible disadvantages of using computers in education?

The Disadvantages of Computers in Education

  • Technological Dependence. When computers and other technological tools are used constantly, students develop a dependence upon these tools.
  • Varied Computer Literacy.
  • Related Articles.
  • Technologically Enhanced Academic Dishonesty.
  • Reduced Interaction.
  • Potential Dangers.

What are the 10 advantages of computer?

A Brief Discussion on Advantages of Computer Systems

  1. Speed.
  2. Accuracy.
  3. Stores huge amount of data.
  4. Online trading.
  5. Online education | Distance Learning.
  6. Research.
  7. Forecasting weather,and predicting earthquakes ,volcano eruptions.
  8. Produce Employement.

What is the use of computer in schools?

Students can use computers to learn any topic visually. Students who cannot attend school due to their disability can also learn from computers and give online exams. It can help students to do some creative works like drawing using paints, using excel or word to enter data. It can boost their creativity.