What Are The Benefits Of Computer To The Society?

Computers benefit the business and personal world by being able to do the following more efficiently: buying and selling products, communicating throughout the world, enhancing our knowledge, job influences, entertainment, research, and paying bills.

Do computers bring more benefits or problems in society?

The answers are absolutely not! The reason why computers are widely used is that, they bring more benefits than problems to our society. Firstly, using computers in the business fields can increase the productivity and efficiency of the company’s work.

How did Computers help society?

Computers Help Society. With the help of high speed internet, it allows computers to do work much faster and more efficient. E-mails have replaced handwritten letters. This helps businesses and the society to communicate much faster in order to respond to each other.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of computers?

Disadvantage of computers are that it can use up a lot of your time and electricity. The advantage of computers is that they allow information to be easily accessed and stored, whereas the disadvantage of computers is what people can choose to do with this information.