Question: What Are The Features Of Analog Computer?

Examples of such data are pressure, temperature, voltage, speed and weight.

An analog computer makes use of continuous values and not discrete values.

Because of this, processes with an analog computer cannot be repeated for exact equivalent results.

What are examples of analog?

Examples of analogue systems include; Old radios, megaphones and the volume control on old telephone hand sets. Digital signals: Modern electronic products such as computers and mobile phones depend on digital signals. However, a good example of a digital signal is Morse Code.

What are the features of hybrid computer?

Hybrid computers are well known for their ability to blend analog and digital features of computers. Advantages include the availability of both analog and digital computations within a single unit and an efficient processing speed.

Where are analog computers used?

Analog computer can be used in scientific and industrial applications such as measure the electrical current, frequency and resistance of capacitor, etc. Analog computer that performs arithmetical operation by measurable quantities, such as mechanical movement, the rotation of gears rather than by number.

What is hybrid computer and examples?

An example of a hybrid computer system is a cement plant where all calculations are made by digital systems (digital computers) and accordingly action such ass increase of certain material in the furnace and increase/decrease of fuel for temperature is performed by the help of analog system.