What Are The Purposes Of Message?

Lesson Summary

There are three purposes for a message: inform, persuade or goodwill.

The first purpose is to inform where a message can be used to communicate routine, repetitive, daily tasks, instructions, codes, steps and procedures in the workplace.

What are the 3 main purposes of writing?

A simple trick to summarize the three main categories of author’s purpose is to use the acronym PIE, which stands for persuade, inform and entertain. Although there are many reasons to write, to persuade, to inform and to entertain represent the three main forms of author’s purpose.

What is the purpose of inform?

Inform means to give someone information about something. Examples : news reports, research papers, encyclopedias, school news letters, instructions, maps, timelines, schedules, charts, graphs.

Why is it important to identify the purpose of your message before you start writing?

The second phase of the writing process is when you draft your message. To establish goodwill Points: 1 / 1 Identifying the purpose of your message before you start writing will help you determine how to present your information. Read and analyze the following paragraph for its primary and secondary purpose.

What is the purpose of a goodwill message?

Goodwill messages are used in the workplace to show a sense of kindness and friendliness. Examples of goodwill messages are communications of appreciation, congratulations or positive feedback. The five S’s are guidelines for business people to follow to create an effective goodwill message.