Question: What Classes Do You Take For A Communications Major?

Here are some classes you may take as a communication major:

  • Communication Theory.
  • Corporate Communication/Public Relations.
  • Interpersonal Communication.
  • Mass Communications.
  • Research Methods.
  • News Writing and Reporting.
  • Speech Communication.

What classes are required for a communications major?

As a communications major, you’ll be taking a broad range of classes including marketing, sociology and business as well as more traditional communications classes like media studies and journalism.

What can I do with a communications major?

  1. public relations.
  2. journalism.
  3. law.
  4. marketing.
  5. copywriting.
  6. … and more.

What classes do you take in communications?

Most curricula include classes in writing and English, public speaking, theories of persuasion, group communication, rhetoric, debate, interpersonal communication and media communication.

What you can do with a communications degree?

Careers you could pursue with a communications degree include:

  • Business executive.
  • Human relations manager.
  • Public relations manager.
  • Marketing executive.
  • Advertising executive.
  • Media planner.
  • Web content manager.
  • Paralegal.

What does a communications major entail?

Communications majors are best defined as students that are: Seeking a general liberal arts education. Preparing for careers in fields like journalism, business administration, public relations, broadcasting, human resources, consulting and politics.