Question: What Is Mobile Learning Application?

Mobile learning (m-learning) is education via the Internet or network using personal mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones to obtain learning materials through mobile apps, social interactions and online educational hubs.

It is flexible, allowing students access to education anywhere, anytime.

What are the uses of mobile learning?

Mobile devices in brick-and-mortar classrooms can be used to enhance student-centered learning, group collaboration among students through communication applications, interactive displays, and video features.

What are mobile learning devices?

Such devices include mobile phones (both ‘smart’ and ‘dumb’), digital cameras, voice recorders, tablet devices (such as iPads), laptops and netbooks, video cameras, and MP3 players.

Why is mobile learning important?

Mobile learning offers better learner engagement and higher completion rates. Key benefits of mobile learning are: Learning on the go: Today learners do not want to learn at their office desk. The biggest advantage of mobile learning is its innate capability to offer anytime-anywhere learning on the go.

What is Mobile Learning PDF?

Mobile learning, also known as m-learning, is a new way to access learning content using mobiles. This can be done using devices like your phone, laptop or tablet.