Question: What Is Multisim Software Used For?

Multisim includes microcontroller simulation (formerly known as MultiMCU), as well as integrated import and export features to the printed circuit board layout software in the suite, NI Ultiboard.

Multisim is widely used in academia and industry for circuits education, electronic schematic design and SPICE simulation.

Is NI Multisim free?

Try it now for free! Ultiboard™ is printed circuit board design and layout software that integrates seamlessly with Multisim™ to accelerate PCB prototype development.

Where is oscilloscope in Multisim?

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How do I place a wire in Multisim?

Multisim 14.2 Help

Select Place»Wire. Right-click on the workspace and select Place on schematic»Wire from the context menu that appears. Click to place a junction on the workspace and then move the mouse to route the wire as desired. Click as desired to lock the wire to a specific point on the workspace.

What is NI Circuit Design Suite?

The NI Circuit Design Suite offers a complete approach to teaching circuits and electronics by integrating circuit capture, simulation, and layout in a package including Multisim™ and Ultiboard™ software.

What is a Multisim?

A multi SIM card is a three-in-one card which can be used in every type of smartphone or tablet. Extra info. Cutting into your SIM card or pasting parts together – it won’t be necessary anymore!

Who invented Multisim?

Multisim is one of the few circuit design programs to employ the original Berkeley SPICE based software simulation. Multisim was originally created by a company named Electronics Workbench, which is now a division of National Instruments.

How do you use a oscilloscope probe?

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