Question: What Is The Purpose Of Internet 2?


What are the main features of internet2?

In addition, Internet2 is a provider of innovative technologies, including massive network performance management and measurement tools, uncomplicated and protected access and identity administration tools, and sophisticated functionalities like the scheduling and on-demand creation of highly efficient, high-bandwidth

What is internet2 project?

Internet2 is a not-for-profit United States computer networking consortium led by members from the research and education communities, industry, and government. The Internet2 community develops and deploys network technologies for the future of the Internet.

In which year was internet2 established?


What is the goal of internet2 quizlet?

The goal of Internet2 is to develop and test advanced network technologies that will benefit Internet users in the future. Many public locations, such as airports, hotels, schools, shopping malls, and coffee shops, are hotspots that provide Wi-Fi Internet connections to users with mobile computers or devices.