Quick Answer: What Is The Responsibility Of The School Management Committee?

School Management Committee (SMC) is a form of community interaction and involvement in school functioning.

The idea behind the formulation of SMC is to involve communities to take an active role in the planning, implementation and monitoring of developmental programmes for the school.

What are the responsibilities of school management committee?

The School Management Committee shall perform the following functions, namely:- a) Monitoring the working of the school; b) Preparing and recommend school development plan; c) Monitoring the utilization of the grants received from the appropriate Government or local authority or any source; and d) Performing such other

How many members are there in school management committee?

If a school has 250 students, the total number of members in the School Management Committee should be 12.

What is the importance of school committees?

A school committee is a group of elected members responsible for managing and overseeing the activities of a primary school, and to provide it with community support. Each primary school is required by law to have a school committee.

What is a school development committee?

School Development Committees are composed of eight members with three members from the school administration, who are the school head, the school deputy head and a senior teacher. Zvobgo (1986) comments that qualified teachers are always a solution to high quality education.