Quick Answer: What Was The First Portable Computer Called?

But 30 years ago, the Osborne 1 made its debut as the world’s first portable PC, and weighed nearly 24 pounds.

Created by Adam Osborne of Osborne Computer Corporation, the device was unveiled on April 3, 1981 at the West Coast Computer Faire at San Francisco’s Brooks Hall.

When the first portable computer was released what was it called?

The first portable computer was created in April 1981 by a company called Osborne, led by a journalist turned entrepreneur named Adam Osborne.

What is a portable computer called?

As the size and weight of most portables decreased, they became known as laptop computer and later as notebook computer. Today, larger transportable computers continue to be called portable computers.

What did the Osborne 1 do?

The Osborne 1 was the first widely accepted portable computer that included a monitor, disk drives and all components. It was introduced in 1981 at the West Coast Computer Faire. It had 64 Kb of memory, a 5 inch display screen and had two floppy disk drives and a full sized keyboard.

What is the Osborne Computer?

The Osborne 1 is the first commercially successful portable microcomputer, released on April 3, 1981 by Osborne Computer Corporation. The computer shipped with a large bundle of software that was almost equivalent in value to the machine itself, a practice adopted by other CP/M computer vendors.