Question: Why HTML Is A Markup Language?

Hypertext means machine readable text and Markup means to structure it in a specific format.So,HTML is called hypertext markup language because it is a language that allows users to organize, improve the appearance of, and link text with data on the internet.

What is Markup Language write the benefits of HTML?

HTML refers to the HyperText Markup Language.There are many advantages and disadvantages of HTML, including compatibility and difficulty of use. HTML is the basic language to learn for web technologies. HTML is that it is easy to code. HTML also allows the use of templates, which makes designing a webpage easy.

What is markup language used for?

A markup language is a computer language that uses tags to define elements within a document. It is human-readable, meaning markup files contain standard words, rather than typical programming syntax. XML is called the “Extensible Markup Language” since custom tags can be used to support a wide range of elements.

Why is HTML used?

HTML. First developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is used to create electronic documents (called pages) that are displayed on the World Wide Web. Each page contains a series of connections to other pages called hyperlinks.

Is CSS a markup language?

Cascading-Style Sheet or CSS is not a programming language. It is a mark up language used with HTML to design the user interface of a website (the style is applied to the mark up language through out the same sections of similar parts).