Why Should Cellphones Not Be Allowed In School Essay?

Cell phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, allow cheating in Schools, and they can be dangerous.

Cell phones distract students in school.

Whenever people text in class it gets other people’s attention, which makes it hard for students to learn.

Why should cellphones not be allowed at school?

Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school because they can distract from school work and disturb other students who are trying to study. Many kids use cell phones to cheat in tests; either they text the answer or ask for answers which is totally unfair to the other kids.

Why should cell phones not be allowed in school essay?

Using cell phones during school allows students to cheat. Students will be more distracted by cell phones and pay less attention to the teacher and to the lesson. Students have a higher chance of getting in trouble if they use cell phones in school rather than if they are not allowed to use digital devices in school.

Why Should smartphones be allowed in school?

Text messaging allows students to communicate with their parents, and to communicate with each other instead of paying attention in class—which goes hand in hand with the number one reason why educators don’t like having smartphones in the classroom: They can be a huge distraction.